Yeah! I’m taking dulcimer lessons!


Well I’m taking dulcimer lessons. I finally discovered that the Cambridge Center for Adult Education has a dulcimer class. While it’s a hike, the weather is nicer and then dayight is staying longer and it means I HAVE to play more (yeah). So tonight was the first lesson and I had a lot of fun and learned sone new stuff. What more could you ask for? Maybe at the end of the 10 weeks, I’ll even post a file of me playing…or maybe not…

3 comments to Yeah! I’m taking dulcimer lessons!

  • Hi, Paul! It’s great to have you in class. I’m learning a lot and having fun too. 🙂

    Gail who sits in the far corner *g*

  • Terri

    Hi Paul,
    The dulcimer classes with Lorraine are a retirement gift I give to myself. I think we have a wonderful class. Isn’t it fun? If only I didn’t miss the string half the time when I am trying to do a hammer on!! LOL

    See you later today!