Well…it really was a good idea at the time…

So we were having a bunch of friends over for dinner. I was going to grill Caesar steak and Caesar chicken, spicy green beans and an arugula and butternut squash salad. Everytine was set up and ready to go but when I went out to start the grill, it had started snowing.

“Ha! A […]

Udderly ridiculous sites

The best thing about travel is the unusual things you come across. I had to pull off the highway and drive back a small road because I caught a glimpse of this in passing. Carol Ane missed it and was upset that I was getting off the highway, it would delay our trip. But […]

Kids in Wisconsin are tough!

So how many of you have kids that would be in their bathing suits dancing in the snow? It is COLD! The snow storm is gone but with the wind chill it is below zero! And to make matters worse, IT’S 55 DEGREES IN FOXBORO!!! Not fair not fair. Greg is seriously the bad […]


So today is a day that a weatherman lives for. We woke up to a beautiful blue sky morning, but knew the day was going to end with a raging snow storm. We spent the morning getting food for the reception and ‘discussing’ how much was enough (I won’t go into who thought what […]

Why didn’t he go to University of Miami?

Ok here is the forecast for tomorrow. (big sigh)

================ Thursday: Snow after noon. High near 34. East northeast wind 5 to 8 mph increasing to between 19 and 22 mph. Winds could gust as high as 32 mph. Chance of precipitation is 90%. New snow accumulation of around 4 inches.

Thursday Night: Snow, possibly […]