Montreal has some cool cats!

So here we are walking around Montreal and I spot this in a window

It just screams ‘Gift for Greg’ and I go in to check it out.

“Excuse me, how much are the cat sculptures in the window?”

“Oh, they are each priced separately.”

‘Ok, that’s not good news’ I think to myself.

“What […]


Well he is all done! Greg has officially completed his course of study and will graduate in June. The recital was great and I’ll be posting his performance soon for anyone that wants to listen to it.It’s late and I’m heading for bed.


The Worlds largest nickel

This nickel is in Sudbury, Ontario and is thirty feet high! Across the vally is the largest mound of tailings I have ever seen. Sudbury is a very big mining town and also marks the most northern point of our trip. We turn west and will slowly be heading westward for the next […]

Wet feet

Guess who didn’t make the leap back across Four mile Creek?

Crossing Four Mile creek

Greg an I took a walk at the campground to find a spot to watch the sunset. Can he make it across?

World Disc Golf tour

On the way to our stop for the night, we stopped at a disc golf course. Greg and I played. He needed this shot to break the tie and win…too bad there was a stream just past the hole and it was out of bounds….


Greg wins first crib

Although the film from the camera monitoring system is not yet in, it looks like Greg did win the first cribbage game without cheating….more results later…