So today is a day that a weatherman lives for. We woke up to a beautiful blue sky morning, but knew the day was going to end with a raging snow storm. We spent the morning getting food for the reception and ‘discussing’ how much was enough (I won’t go into who thought what or who was right or I’ll get hit).

At noon time, I took a walk with the sun beating on my back, then Ellen’s parents arrived and we all went out for a light lunch and then back to kill time before the Greg’s recital.

About 3:00 o’clock, it started to snow and just got worse as the afternoon progressed. We were able to sit in our room and look out as the snow piled up.

We decided to walk to a nearby sub shop for dinner. Boy was I glad I brought my boots! Car’s were getting stuck and walking, though tough, was probably easier than driving. It was nice walking with Carol Ane in the snow. Except when the wind twisted and you got a face full of blowing snow, but hey, that’s to be expected in a snow storm.

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