Abel smiling

how cute is he?

Abe arrives in the world

Welcome to the newest member of the clan Able Richard Woodsbie

8lbs 10.6oz
23 inches

Waiting for the question to be popped

So Thursday night, Ryan stopped by to ask me two favors. One, if I could go buy a couple bottles of champaine for this weekend and the other (which he asked first) if he could have my daughters hand in marriage!!! I immediately grasped his hand and said yes to both.

So it is now 12:41 pm and he just took Tracy for a scooter ride and I’m waiting for them to get back. It has been hard to hold my tongue!!


Yeah, they finally came back and Carol Ane and Linda are so happy as are Dan and myself. We popped a couple bottles of champagne and then went out on Dan’s boat for a cruise. Stopped in Provincetown for a drink and then back to the house so the kids could start making phone calls.

What a weekend!

Montreal has some cool cats!

So here we are walking around Montreal and I spot this in a window

It just screams ‘Gift for Greg’ and I go in to check it out.

“Excuse me, how much are the cat sculptures in the window?”

“Oh, they are each priced separately.”

‘Ok, that’s not good news’ I think to myself.

“What about the cat playing the piano?” I ask.

“They are all made from pewter and that one is…let me see…” the sales girl checks a list, “that piece is $400.”

YIKES!! And I dared dream of getting the whole set for someone who is going ton have a new born in a couple months. I don’t think so, maybe I’ll give him a diaper service for a couple months.

Carol Ane found a new hobby!

So it looks like Carol Ane has found a new hobby/job -taking care of statues with colds! Call her the ‘Rock doc’.

Man I just missed Champ

Darn camera, takes too long to take a photo so I miss capturing Champ, the Lake Champlain monster on my digital camera. This is moments after she dove under the water here in the waters off Plattsburg, NY

Blooming again!!

Wow, this us the third time this year my Hindu Rope plant has bloomed. I must be doing something right.

The Morning Song (Peer Gynt Suite – dulcimer tab)

I wish I could remember where I found this so I could give out the credit since there is no notice on it. For Four strings I had to make some minor changes”

  • I found an error in the tab: Measure 13, the last ‘4’ should be a ‘5’
  • Measure 13:after playing the 000 I put my middle finger on the 5 (the A string), my ring on the 4 (inner D) and then can put my index on the 7 on the second D so I can cross pick
  • Measure 21: I bar the 3 with my ring finger then at the end of the measure I just slide the bar to 2, play the measure and slide the bar to 1
  • Measure 23: I bar the 1 with my ring finger then at the end of the measure I lift my finger upexcept I keep it on the 1 on the low D, put my pinkie on the 1 on the inner D and then in measure 24 only play three strings.

Have fun with it!
Morning Song

Rainbows in the Sky

So last night we had some storms come thru and after they passed, the sun broke thru in the west under the clouds and we had a spectacular double rainbow display for a good 20 minutes. It was the brightest and longest display I’ve ever seen.

Kent’s Jig

This is for my dulcimer classmates to pratice with (everyone else can just enjoy it). It’s Kent’s Jig played by our instructor Lorraine Hammond.
Kent’s Jig
Kent’s Jig with commentary