Half Marathon Training – day 6 – 91 days to go

Cloudy 21 degrees health: cold almost gone!
Top: 4 layers – Bottom: two layers

Well today I had a 3 mile endurance walk to do and a snowstorm was moving in so I thought I’d better do it early. Was on the road by 8:30 and even with 4 layers on top, my back shoulders were cold! They (and I) did warm up by mile 2. Can’t tell how fast I went since my iPhone shut down due to the cold and a low battery (sigh). But I’ve finished week 1 since tomorrow is a rest day. Now to see how much snow we get today.

Half Marathon Training – day 2-5 – 93 – days to go

Ok, a bad start to blogging, but I have been training. I actually did my cross training by shoveling snow this morning and did the other days this week. We have more snow coming tomorrow when I’m suppose to do a three mile walk (piece of cake)

I still have this lingering cold and hope I can shake it by Monday! We will see, of course two of the grandkids are coming back from florida tomorrow (or Sunday depending on the snow) and they will probably bring a fresh batch of germs with them. But I WILL NOT GET SICK. That is my new motto!!!

Half Marathon Training – day 1 – 98 days to go

Cloudy 37 degrees – health: getting over a cold, still stuffy.
2.5 miles easy outdoors

Well I’m glad I checked my training schedule because I thought I was suppose to start training tomorrow, but when I looked, I had entered 2016 as the year and that threw off the start day by a day – last year was a leap year. I actually started today! Fortunately it was an easy start. Saw a couple women running the outer loop of Shaw’s parking lot (the near by supermarket) I’ll have to measure and remember that idea!



Baby Water torture

So I had Abel the other day and thought I’d give him some water. Click the photo to view the results.

Bonnie Bunch o’ Roses

This is one of the performances Greg (a fellow student) did from my last dulcimer class. I hope you enjoy it, I certainly did!

Carol Ane in the kitchen

Wow! No lightning struck when she entered the kitchen.


Doesn’t she look happy? (week 16)

What more can I say about this. The baby is the size of an avocado and will double in size in the next couple weeks.

Sleepy Parents

remember the days

Abel at three months

So Abel is getting older and more fun by the day. Here is a photo from the other day