I’m a Father-in-Law!!!

Mr and Mrs Woodsbie

Mr and Mrs Woodsbie

On July 3rd, 2009 we became ‘in-law’s as Ellen Frisbie joined our son Greg in marriage. It was a wonderful day, a wonderful wedding and a blast of a reception. Greg and Ellen will be known as the Woodsbie’s to the world. They want to join together their lives and even their names.

We can’t be happier for the young couple as they start their journey together.

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  • Hi, congrats on becoming a father in law. Sorry to contact you this way, hope you don’t mind? Just stumbled upon your blog and think it’s great. I love the way the header keeps changing.
    I am completely new to all this but would just like to know if your theme is available for general use?

    I hope to use the theme and then eventually work out how to sort out the pictures on the header at a later date.I

    Any information much appreciated

    Kev kev.wild@gmail.com