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12,000 bees being dumped into a hive

12,000 bees being dumped into a hive

Did you ever wonder how bees get into a new hive? I went off with my sister Saturday and drove down to meet the ‘bee guy’. He and a friend had driven straight from Georgia with about 1.2 million bees in their truck (and I thought we were brave when my sister said we would be picking up four boxes totaling about 48,000 bees)

So once you have the hive setup, you take the box they came in and open it, take the queen out (she is in her own special box) and then give the box a good shake and just pour the bees into the hive. Of course not all of them want to go in right away, some decide to fly arround a bit and they might be a little bit upset with you. That’s her shaking the box, I’m taking the pictture (I’m really glad there are telephoto lens!)

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