Half Marathon Training – day 35 – 64 days to go

Well it is the end of week 5 and I still alive. yesterday I did 6 miles and the temperature was 20 degrees when I started and rose to a balmy 23 by the end. I word 3 layers on top, a wicking layer a polartec fleece and a microfiber wind breaker. Long underwear and wind leggins over that, with hat and goves. I did buy a fleece neck thing that i could pull over my mouth if I got cold. It had some goodpoints and bad points. It did warm my breath but when I exhaled, there was so much moisture, my glasses fogged up (sigh). I was glad to have it at mile 5 though.

I started ut and warmmed up after a mile and a half and was doing fine till mile 5. At up to that point I eithor had the wind to my back or was protected by trees, but at mile five I came around a corner and was face into the wind. The worst was I knew I had a mile of into the wind (8-10+ mph) to go. The neck thing was a big help keeping me warm for that section.

All in all I did good, averaged 12:45/mile which is about where I’d like to be for the half.

Nine weeks to go with 1-2 inches of snow Tuesday turning to rain then 1-4 on Thursday. Looks like I may be doing a lot of loops around the house next week.

Miscelanious fact: It takes me 4 strides per leg of teh loop inside our house and I figured out I need to do 210 loops to get in 30 minutes of walking.

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