Half Marathon Training – day 28 – 71 days to go

Wow it has beena bit since I last posted! I’ve been moving all my hosting from one server to another and it has been a trying experience, not only because at the same timme there has been a brute force attack on websites around the world and my host has been affected.

I’m at the end of week 4 (today is a rest day) and 6 weeks from today is race day. I’m feeling good. I did 5 miles yesterday outside (33 degrees when I started) and I was cold, but warmed up after a mile and a half. On Friday i was suppose to do some cross training but we ended up going to th eWelsley College greenhouses with the grandkids and I carried one pretty much the whole time we were there. That was a cross training workout indeed!

Looks like some snow Tuesday afternoon into Wednesday, so the roads might be messy thin week. I’ll have to go out early Tuesday morning…

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