Half Marathon…take two – day 37 – 61 days to go

Well I failed at the half marrathon at the begining of the year. I got to seven miles and my back started hurting and I gave up.

But then my kids decided to do one in October and I agreed to do it with them. So now I’m back in training and starting week 6 and feeling good. I’ve been losing weight (yea!) and doing planks (ugh – tough but I try to add 5 seconds every couple days) and I’m feeling better. I feel the knees but I feel them all the time.

I’m feeling good about this attempt and feel myself getting stronger each day I go out. My goal is to do it in under 3 hours and I think I should be able to do that.

Of course there is the weather to think about…October…28th…next to Nantucket Sound (Falmouth Ma). It could be a beautiful day in the (record heigh was 77 degrees – 1964) or very cold (record low 28 degrees – 1950) or average – between 42 and 59. As long as it is not raining, I’ll be happy.

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