Half Marathon – Race Day

(This is a very late post – it’s now December 21st – but I thought I should finish this thread of posts.)

I finished!!!

The day of the race, Tracy, Carol Ane Lily and I got up at 5:30 and were on the road by 6:00 for the hour drive to Falmouth. We got a great parking spot in the center of town about a minute and a half walk from the start. There were so many people (biggest race I’ve been in yet). We met up with Tracy’s frend Daleen and wandered over to the start leaving Lily with Carol Ane. Ryan (Tracy’s husband) and her boys showed up after we started it turns out they were parked about six spaces behind us.

It was cool to start – 55 degrees (F) – which was great, and at the gun we took off…ok maybe all of us didn’t take off at the same time, in fact it was a few minutes before I stepped over the starting line. While there were 1,675 entries only 1,335 actually finished.

Racing into the rising sun.

The race left the Falmouth town square and wound thru a small neighborhood before heading towards the ocean and soon we were right by the waters edge heading east into the rising sun. While it would have been great to have the entire race alongside the ocean, nature doesn’t always cooperate with our wishes.





Falmouth inner harbor

We came up to the opening of the Falmouth Inner harbor and had to make a turn north to go around the inlet. This was a 2 mile jog to get back to a spot you could see 300 feet away!

Looking down the harbor you can see all the boats waiting to go out or being readied for the upcoming winter.

The course was an out and back except for one half mile section. As I was walking that section I realized that Tracy should be on her way back so I checked the ‘Find Friends’ app and wouldn’t;t you know she was coming back. I sped up and got to where the course came together and a moment later, Tracy came running by me, heading for the finish! It gave me a chance to cheer her on.

The flag just before the turn around point

Finally I came to a spot where you could see huge Americian flag hanging from a crane and just beyond that was the turn around point (Yea!!) Now I was on the back slope of the course. There was this old guy running and I finally caught up to him and passed him, but at about mile 9 1/5 he passed me again and I never was able to catchup to him. There was one woman runner that I cauhht up to at mile 12 and I started telling her she had to dig deep so I wouldn’t pass her. She thanked me and did pull away right towards the end.

When I crossed the finish they were handing out space blankets and even though I didn’t need one, I took one. Ten minutes later I was glad I did! It was only 58 degrees and I was sweaty  and cooling off. I’d never used one before and boy was it nice to have wrapped around myself.

I came in 1,216 out of 1,335 with a time of 3:44:04 which is 8 seconds faster than the Big Lake half that I did two years ago!! All in all it was a great experience but I think that is my last half marathon. From now on, I’ll stick to 5 and 10K’s

At the finish!

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