Bonnie Bunch o’ Roses

This is one of the performances Greg (a fellow student) did from my last dulcimer class. I hope you enjoy it, I certainly did!

Bonnie Bunch o’ Roses

Carol Ane in the kitchen

Wow! No lightning struck when she entered the kitchen.

Doesn’t she look happy? (week 16)

What more can I say about this. The baby is the size of an avocado and will double in size in the next couple weeks.

Sleepy Parents

remember the days

Abel at three months

So Abel is getting older and more fun by the day. Here is a photo from the other day

Abel smiling

how cute is he?

Abe arrives in the world

Welcome to the newest member of the clan Able Richard Woodsbie 8lbs 10.6oz 23 inches

Waiting for the question to be popped

So Thursday night, Ryan stopped by to ask me two favors. One, if I could go buy a couple bottles of champaine for this weekend and the other (which he asked first) if he could have my daughters hand in marriage!!! I immediately grasped his hand and said yes to both.

So it is now […]

Montreal has some cool cats!

So here we are walking around Montreal and I spot this in a window

It just screams ‘Gift for Greg’ and I go in to check it out.

“Excuse me, how much are the cat sculptures in the window?”

“Oh, they are each priced separately.”

‘Ok, that’s not good news’ I think to myself.

“What […]