Wow talk about a steaming radiator!

Ok, so it’s not really a radiator. I was out for a ride on the Vespa and I came across this scene in Norton. The water department is flushing out the water mains and they spray the water out like this and let it run for about a half hour. (I wonder how many […]

Yeah! I’m taking dulcimer lessons!

Well I’m taking dulcimer lessons. I finally discovered that the Cambridge Center for Adult Education has a dulcimer class. While it’s a hike, the weather is nicer and then dayight is staying longer and it means I HAVE to play more (yeah). So tonight was the first lesson and I had a lot of […]

We’ll all end up here someday…

Well the clouds broke, the crocus opened and spring showed up. It warmed up and I needed to return a computer to my sister so, I put it on the back of my Vespa and took off. What a great day for a ride. On the way home I passed this graveyard. The light […]

Just waiting for the sun…

So it seems like spring is just taking it’s time to get here. It’s like when you wake up, but are streaching in bed, your’re awake, but not ready to face the world. You just need to see the sun and smell the coffee and bacon cooking and THEN you finnaly throw off those […]

Just nooooo juice!

So, on Tuesday, we got back from MGH about 12:30 and Carol Ane scooted upstairs and I heard the radio blaring. I puttered for a bit and went up and to check on her and found her is dead to the world. It was a beautiful day, so I decided to put the Vespa […]

Gotta love this news…

Well my aneurism hasn’t changed in size from last year!! That’s great news! Looks like it will be awhile before I have to face that issue (BIG SMILE)

Well this must be heart week…

So I woke up Sunday Morning about 7:30 and noticed something…my heart was racing. I laid there for a moment and then grabbed a watch and clocked it. I was doing 100 bpm in a 60 bpm zone. Crap, I was in AFIB again. I went down stairs and called my cardiologist and got the […]

Hanging around waiting for spring

Well it’s cold today in New England, but tomorrow it’s suppose to get into the mid 50’s. I keep thinking about calling the insurance company to resore the coverage on my vespa, but then I think, I want to see more than two days over 50 before I start tiding again. Soon! I’ve seen some […]

Udderly ridiculous sites

The best thing about travel is the unusual things you come across. I had to pull off the highway and drive back a small road because I caught a glimpse of this in passing. Carol Ane missed it and was upset that I was getting off the highway, it would delay our trip. But […]

A day of shopping and museum’s

Well we had a great day today..well Carol Ane did have to go dress shopping while Greg, Ellen’s Dad and I went to the EAA (Experimental Aviation Association) museum in Oshkosh, Wi. and had a great time looking at all the planes. Richard is building a plane and was a great tour guide. Later, after […]