Half Marathon Training – day 6 – 91 days to go

Cloudy 21 degrees health: cold almost gone! Top: 4 layers – Bottom: two layers

Well today I had a 3 mile endurance walk to do and a snowstorm was moving in so I thought I’d better do it early. Was on the road by 8:30 and even with 4 layers on top, my back shoulders […]

Half Marathon Training – day 2-5 – 93 – days to go

Ok, a bad start to blogging, but I have been training. I actually did my cross training by shoveling snow this morning and did the other days this week. We have more snow coming tomorrow when I’m suppose to do a three mile walk (piece of cake)

I still have this lingering cold and hope […]

Half Marathon Training – day 1 – 98 days to go

Cloudy 37 degrees – health: getting over a cold, still stuffy. 2.5 miles easy outdoors

Well I’m glad I checked my training schedule because I thought I was suppose to start training tomorrow, but when I looked, I had entered 2016 as the year and that threw off the start day by a day – […]