Half Marathon – Race Day

(This is a very late post – it’s now December 21st – but I thought I should finish this thread of posts.)

I finished!!!

The day of the race, Tracy, Carol Ane Lily and I got up at 5:30 and were on the road by 6:00 for the hour drive to Falmouth. We got a […]

Half Marathon…take 2 – 4 days to go

Well I have been remiss updating my progress, but the good news is that th erace is this coming Saturday and I feel good…not to say I won’t be sore after the race. (haha)

I had a scare this past Saturday. i was going to do a 10K in place of the 6 mile walk […]

Half Marathon…take 2 – day 52 – 46 days to go

Today is a rest day and a good thing too. What with grandkids seeming to always appear at the house (and I end up playing with them because I love it) It seems like there is never enough time to get all the things I want to do done.

That said, I’m on track and […]

Half Marathon…take two – day 37 – 61 days to go

Well I failed at the half marrathon at the begining of the year. I got to seven miles and my back started hurting and I gave up.

But then my kids decided to do one in October and I agreed to do it with them. So now I’m back in training and starting week […]

Half Marathon Training – day 44 – 53 days to go

Well the end of this week (week 7) will be the halfway point. Last wek was a good/bad week/ The good is I did everything, the bad was snow and more snow and a rotten cold that is just now leaving and my knees hurt a little. But I’ll kep on walking. Even though there […]

Half Marathon Training – day 35 – 64 days to go

Well it is the end of week 5 and I still alive. yesterday I did 6 miles and the temperature was 20 degrees when I started and rose to a balmy 23 by the end. I word 3 layers on top, a wicking layer a polartec fleece and a microfiber wind breaker. Long underwear and […]

Half Marathon Training – day 28 – 71 days to go

Wow it has beena bit since I last posted! I’ve been moving all my hosting from one server to another and it has been a trying experience, not only because at the same timme there has been a brute force attack on websites around the world and my host has been affected.

I’m at the […]

Half Marathon Training – day 10 – 87 days to go

Partly Cloudy 11AM temp 53 degrees – Health: good

What a difference from two days ago and two days from now. Two days ago it was 19 degrees, today it is 53 and Saturday the high will be 28. I decided to make a switch. I was suppose to do a 4 mile endurance walk […]

Half Marathon Training – day 8 – 89 days to go

Cloudy 10AM temp 19 degrees – Health: Cold seems to be gone!!

Yeah it is still cold outside and I have to do 30 minutes so I’m walking inside again. Listen to a podcast and do the inside circle. Tomorrow is a rest day.

Half Marathon Training – day 7 – 90 days to go

Cloudy 8AM temp 8 degrees – Health: Nose opened up at 2 AM sigh

Today was very cold out. After Saturday’s snow and yesterday (I snowblower then drove to Greg’s to get his van, drove to Boston to pick up Ellen and the kids from a hotel then drove to Somerville to get Greg after […]