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My love and me

We’re just two lucky people that have been blessed with circumstances that are allowing us to do a little traveling while we’re still young (well…young at heart), healthy (ok, so that is a relative state) and happy (how couldn’t I be with such a partner).

As you may see in some of the posts, I have a heart that doesn’t behave. I have a bicuspid aortic valve which leaks, I have an ascending aortic aneurysm and I’ve gone into atrial fibrilation (currently under control). At the moment, all of this is just being watched, but if I live long enough (I hope) I will most likely have heart surgery (I dread) when the aneurysm gets bigger or the valve leaks more. I guess the silver lining is that when they have to open me up, they will fix all three problems at one time (I pray).

So till then, I’ll try to stay healthy, ride my Vespa, play the dulcimer, watch my kids and grandkids grow, and act like a kid when ever I get the chance. That’s the best way to enjoy life.