Half Marathon – Race Day

(This is a very late post – it’s now December 21st – but I thought I should finish this thread of posts.)

I finished!!!

The day of the race, Tracy, Carol Ane Lily and I got up at 5:30 and were on the road by 6:00 for the hour drive to Falmouth. We got a great parking spot in the center of town about a minute and a half walk from the start. There were so many people (biggest race I’ve been in yet). We met up with Tracy’s frend Daleen and wandered over to the start leaving Lily with Carol Ane. Ryan (Tracy’s husband) and her boys showed up after we started it turns out they were parked about six spaces behind us.

It was cool to start – 55 degrees (F) – which was great, and at the gun we took off…ok maybe all of us didn’t take off at the same time, in fact it was a few minutes before I stepped over the starting line. While there were 1,675 entries only 1,335 actually finished.

Racing into the rising sun.

The race left the Falmouth town square and wound thru a small neighborhood before heading towards the ocean and soon we were right by the waters edge heading east into the rising sun. While it would have been great to have the entire race alongside the ocean, nature doesn’t always cooperate with our wishes.





Falmouth inner harbor

We came up to the opening of the Falmouth Inner harbor and had to make a turn north to go around the inlet. This was a 2 mile jog to get back to a spot you could see 300 feet away!

Looking down the harbor you can see all the boats waiting to go out or being readied for the upcoming winter.

The course was an out and back except for one half mile section. As I was walking that section I realized that Tracy should be on her way back so I checked the ‘Find Friends’ app and wouldn’t;t you know she was coming back. I sped up and got to where the course came together and a moment later, Tracy came running by me, heading for the finish! It gave me a chance to cheer her on.

The flag just before the turn around point

Finally I came to a spot where you could see huge Americian flag hanging from a crane and just beyond that was the turn around point (Yea!!) Now I was on the back slope of the course. There was this old guy running and I finally caught up to him and passed him, but at about mile 9 1/5 he passed me again and I never was able to catchup to him. There was one woman runner that I cauhht up to at mile 12 and I started telling her she had to dig deep so I wouldn’t pass her. She thanked me and did pull away right towards the end.

When I crossed the finish they were handing out space blankets and even though I didn’t need one, I took one. Ten minutes later I was glad I did! It was only 58 degrees and I was sweaty  and cooling off. I’d never used one before and boy was it nice to have wrapped around myself.

I came in 1,216 out of 1,335 with a time of 3:44:04 which is 8 seconds faster than the Big Lake half that I did two years ago!! All in all it was a great experience but I think that is my last half marathon. From now on, I’ll stick to 5 and 10K’s

At the finish!

Half Marathon…take 2 – 4 days to go

Well I have been remiss updating my progress, but the good news is that th erace is this coming Saturday and I feel good…not to say I won’t be sore after the race. (haha)

I had a scare this past Saturday. i was going to do a 10K in place of the 6 mile walk I was suppose to take, but when I woke up and turned my head, I was hit with a severe case of vertigo. Never happened to me before and I had no idea what was happening. I spent the day on AntiVert and sleeping. By Sunday I felt better, but I still feel it mildly. I did go out for a 4 1/2 mile walk Sunday and felt good so I’m confident I can do the half marrathon this Saturday.

The words for the week are: hydrate and carbo-load

Half Marathon…take 2 – day 52 – 46 days to go

Today is a rest day and a good thing too. What with grandkids seeming to always appear at the house (and I end up playing with them because I love it) It seems like there is never enough time to get all the things I want to do done.

That said, I’m on track and feeling good. I was suppose to do seven miles Friday and ended up witn seven and a half (yea!). I felt good when I was finished and my pace improved over much of the walk. I started at with a 14:18 but I was warming up for the first 5 minutes, and by mile 7 I was at a 12:53. my average was 13:35 min/mi – that would be a total time of 2 hours 58 minutes beeting my goal of finish in under 3 hours! With 6 weeks to go, hopefully I can get that average pace down . I would have to get the average down to 12:30 min/mi to break 2 ours and 45 minutes which I did last time (which I don’t expect to do this time).

My big concern is going to be the weather and what clothing to wear. A couple times I have been out and worked up a sweat only to take a cornet and start walking into the wind and geting a little chilled. I’m going to investigate layering since the average temperature for Falmouth on October 28th ranges from 46° to 56° (but it could be cooler) and the race starts at 7:20 AM! Knowing this, I try to do my training early in the morning, as soon as it is light enout to see. That way it is over early too (grin).

Half Marathon…take two – day 37 – 61 days to go

Well I failed at the half marrathon at the begining of the year. I got to seven miles and my back started hurting and I gave up.

But then my kids decided to do one in October and I agreed to do it with them. So now I’m back in training and starting week 6 and feeling good. I’ve been losing weight (yea!) and doing planks (ugh – tough but I try to add 5 seconds every couple days) and I’m feeling better. I feel the knees but I feel them all the time.

I’m feeling good about this attempt and feel myself getting stronger each day I go out. My goal is to do it in under 3 hours and I think I should be able to do that.

Of course there is the weather to think about…October…28th…next to Nantucket Sound (Falmouth Ma). It could be a beautiful day in the (record heigh was 77 degrees – 1964) or very cold (record low 28 degrees – 1950) or average – between 42 and 59. As long as it is not raining, I’ll be happy.

Half Marathon Training – day 44 – 53 days to go

Well the end of this week (week 7) will be the halfway point. Last wek was a good/bad week/ The good is I did everything, the bad was snow and more snow and a rotten cold that is just now leaving and my knees hurt a little. But I’ll kep on walking. Even though there is snow out there, I’m going to walk outside today. The last couple days I’ve seen two guys running while it was snowing and one was in shorts. They have to be trianing for the Boston Marathon, why else (grin)

Half Marathon Training – day 35 – 64 days to go

Well it is the end of week 5 and I still alive. yesterday I did 6 miles and the temperature was 20 degrees when I started and rose to a balmy 23 by the end. I word 3 layers on top, a wicking layer a polartec fleece and a microfiber wind breaker. Long underwear and wind leggins over that, with hat and goves. I did buy a fleece neck thing that i could pull over my mouth if I got cold. It had some goodpoints and bad points. It did warm my breath but when I exhaled, there was so much moisture, my glasses fogged up (sigh). I was glad to have it at mile 5 though.

I started ut and warmmed up after a mile and a half and was doing fine till mile 5. At up to that point I eithor had the wind to my back or was protected by trees, but at mile five I came around a corner and was face into the wind. The worst was I knew I had a mile of into the wind (8-10+ mph) to go. The neck thing was a big help keeping me warm for that section.

All in all I did good, averaged 12:45/mile which is about where I’d like to be for the half.

Nine weeks to go with 1-2 inches of snow Tuesday turning to rain then 1-4 on Thursday. Looks like I may be doing a lot of loops around the house next week.

Miscelanious fact: It takes me 4 strides per leg of teh loop inside our house and I figured out I need to do 210 loops to get in 30 minutes of walking.

Half Marathon Training – day 28 – 71 days to go

Wow it has beena bit since I last posted! I’ve been moving all my hosting from one server to another and it has been a trying experience, not only because at the same timme there has been a brute force attack on websites around the world and my host has been affected.

I’m at the end of week 4 (today is a rest day) and 6 weeks from today is race day. I’m feeling good. I did 5 miles yesterday outside (33 degrees when I started) and I was cold, but warmed up after a mile and a half. On Friday i was suppose to do some cross training but we ended up going to th eWelsley College greenhouses with the grandkids and I carried one pretty much the whole time we were there. That was a cross training workout indeed!

Looks like some snow Tuesday afternoon into Wednesday, so the roads might be messy thin week. I’ll have to go out early Tuesday morning…

Half Marathon Training – day 10 – 87 days to go

Partly Cloudy 11AM temp 53 degrees – Health: good

What a difference from two days ago and two days from now. Two days ago it was 19 degrees, today it is 53 and Saturday the high will be 28. I decided to make a switch. I was suppose to do a 4 mile endurance walk Saturday and I’m swapping my 35 minute walk with it so I could enjoy the nice weather. Walked over the hill to Beach took a right to it’s end, left to Young then right on Edwards back to Beach, took a right to Mechanic’s and a left back to Hill. Nice walk and averaged 13.35/mile not trying to push it, just enjoy the day.

Tomorrow I have some cross training to do.

Half Marathon Training – day 8 – 89 days to go

Cloudy 10AM temp 19 degrees – Health: Cold seems to be gone!!

Yeah it is still cold outside and I have to do 30 minutes so I’m walking inside again. Listen to a podcast and do the inside circle. Tomorrow is a rest day.

Half Marathon Training – day 7 – 90 days to go

Cloudy 8AM temp 8 degrees – Health: Nose opened up at 2 AM sigh

Today was very cold out. After Saturday’s snow and yesterday (I snowblower then drove to Greg’s to get his van, drove to Boston to pick up Ellen and the kids from a hotel then drove to Somerville to get Greg after his service and back home. then Greg and Ellen left the kids so they could go home and shovel out thier cars and driveway and finally they came and got the kids) I woke this morning with a runny nose again! But I’M NOT SICK (that’s my new motto). I did go out but only to buy the ingredients for chicken soup and made some mexican chicken soup and did my 35 minute walk here in the house. Round and round and round I went. Spet the time on the phone with my sister to pass the time. It is suppose to warm up tomorrow and hit the low 50’s Wednesday and Thursday. Melt snow melt!